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Built In Hybrid Grill

Created for the ultimate host, this grill is a statement piece that will stand the test time and bring as much beauty as functionality to your outdoor living space.

48,000 BTU | Gas or Wood Fuel | 63"W x 23"H x 26"D | Stand Optional

The Community Grill

Whether you’re cooking for a crowd or cooking with your community, our biggest grill yet offers multiple configuration options, power, and versatility. There’s nothing this grill can’t handle.

Freestanding Hybrid Grill

The Hybrid’s innovative technology combines a traditional propane grill and a wood smoker under one hood, giving you the benefits of both. This is our most versatile grill, boasting one of the largest grilling surfaces in the industry and easy enough for any host to operate

Teppan Grills

Our Teppan (Teppanyaki) grill combines two of our favorite cooking surfaces into one product. The center offers a traditional grill grate while the edges serve as a flat cooking surface, like a griddle. Together, they create a perfect place for friends to gather, socialize, and of course cook some fantastic food

Retro Grill

Offering a traditional barrel vibe and high quality materials, the Retro can be purchased as a pellet-only cooker or upgraded to our Hybrid technology.

Black Earth 200 Grill

Offering minimalist versatility, our stainless steel 200 Grill can be used as a portable gas grill or mounted on the optional cedar stand and used as a stand-alone gas grill

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