Black Earth Freestanding Hybrid Grill


Black Earth Freestanding Hybrid Grill

Introducing the Black Earth Freestanding Hybrid Grill – the ultimate grilling machine for all your outdoor cooking needs. With our patented Hybrid technology this grill offers the best of both worlds, allowing you to use traditional propane or wood pellets to cook your favorite meals.

With its innovative FireBoard control system, you can easily monitor and adjust the temperature from your phone, ensuring perfect results every time. The included food probes allows you to keep a close eye on the internal temperature of your food, so you can cook it to perfection every time.

This grill is made in Manitoba, Canada, with a fully welded construction in critical areas, ensuring durability and longevity. The double-walled construction helps to maintain consistent temperatures, while the large cooking surface allows you to cook for a crowd.

BTU: 32,000
Fuel Type: Gas or Wood
Temperature Range: 100F – 700F
Grilling Surface: 650 Sq In
Weight: 240lbs
Ignition: Automatic
Material: Porcelain Coated Cast
Dimensions: 61″W x 59″H x 28″D
Included: Pellets, Grill Cover, 2 Cutting Boards




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