OFYR Mise en Place Table Black 135 PRO


  • The OFYR Mise en Place Table Black 135 PRO is incredibly handy to use with your cooking unit, allowing you more space to prepare your food.
  • With the 135×65 cm, there is ample working space.
  • The chopping board is available in teak wood and dark grey ceramic.

* The ideal choice if you are looking for a large work surface.
* Compatible with the OFYR PRO line and suitable for Inserts PRO Small, Medium or Large.
* When filled with wood, relatively heavy.
* Mobile with 2 swivel and 2 fixed-wheel castors, no brakes.
* A ceramic worktop can be left outside permanently, a teak wood worktop is best placed indoors in a dry area and should be treated regularly with an oil suitable for food.
* The black-coated models require more maintenance than the Corten and are, despite their high-quality coating, more sensitive to scratches and damage.

Additional information

Weight 280 lbs
Dimensions 70 × 30 × 45 in

Ceramic Dark Grey, Teak Wood