Retractable Patio Covers

Refined And Durable Retractable Patio Shading

Northern Shades offers two premium patio shading solutions designed to increase outdoor space while decreasing sun exposure and energy costs.

lapure retractable roof

A Stylish Solution for Sun and Shade

Like all Northern Shades outdoor products, our roof terrace and patio covers will blend flawlessly with your home’s existing architecture.

Accessible and Adaptable

The Stobag Pergolino and Renson Lapure retractable roof systems are known for their cutting-edge engineering and design. Simple and easy to use, both systems provide ultra-flexibility in mounting and installation, making them ideal for small and medium-sized patios, as well as decks and terraces of all shapes and orientations.

patio cover edmonton

Wind, Water and Winter Resistant

Our patio covers provide a shady escape from harsh UV rays, and their integrated water-handling design keeps rain and pooling at bay. Made here in Canada, our patio covers can withstand wind speeds up to four times that of a traditional awning and tolerate the harshest winter weather conditions.