Wizard Retractable Screens

Retractable Screen Doors


The BetterView represents the next generation of retractable screen systems, designed with the most technologically advanced features on the market. The BetterView is custom built to fit most types and sizes of single and double entry doors and windows.

BetterView screens are available in black or white hardware colours and have 4 different mesh options available depending on what suits your project the best.

  • Max Size Single: 6' W x 8' H
  • Average Cost per Screen: $900 - $1,200


VistaView Retractable Screens allow for uninterrupted panoramic outdoor views and abundant sunlight to flood indoor spaces. These extra wide screen doors and windows provide extensive coverage for large openings, ensuring that your home’s aesthetic remains intact without any screen frames, pull bars, or seams obstructing the beautiful vistas.

Vistaview is available in 5 different hardware colours and a variety of fabrics to ensure the perfect fit and aesthetic for your project.

  • Max Size Single: 14' W x 11' H
  • Max Size Double: 28' W x 11' H
  • Average Cost per Screen: $1,700 - $3,600

The Horizon

Large exterior doors and openings are popular because they add beauty to the home, allow expansive views, and let lots of sunlight in. However, large spans present a unique challenge — how to enjoy the unobstructed view when the space is completely open while also being able to move inside and outside without letting pests and insects indoors.

The Horizon can be paired with any unique door or difficult-to-screen opening up to 43 feet (double)/21' 6" (single)

  • Max Size Single: 20' W x 11' H
  • Max Size Double: 40' W x 11' H
  • Average Cost per Screen: $4,000 - $6,000

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