Outdoor Cooking For Togetherness

The Art of Outdoor Cooking in Canada

OFYR Island Corten 100 Teak Wood

This all-in-one unit combines unbeatable style and functionality in a compact design. The OFYR Island provides everything you need for an ultimate outdoor cooking experience with friends or family. It includes an 85 cm or 100 cm OFYR cooking unit with wood storage, a chopping board and a handy accessories tray for utensils and condiments. The chopping board is available in teak wood or dark grey ceramic.

OFYR Classic Storage Corten 100 PRO

The OFYR Classic Storage Corten 100 PRO has the characteristics of the OFYR Classic Storage, with the added convenience of a handle and wheels. Hereby, you can easily move your cooking unit. Only available in 100 cm in diameter. Fire guard ring also shown.

OFYR Classic Corten 85

The purest expression of OFYR. Designed to fit with any surroundings, OFYR Classic Corten 85 is a beautiful object even when not in use. Light it up, and it turns every outdoor event into a special moment. Available in 85 cm or 100 cm diameter.

OFYR Classic Storage Black 100

All the style and sophistication of OFYR Classic Black, with the added convenience of built-in wood storage. Constructed from rugged steel with a black heat-resistant coating. Available in 85 cm and 100 cm diameter.


Compact, efficient and elegant: OFYR Tabl’O is the ideal Table Grill for cooking healthy and delicious meals for 2-6 people. OFYR Tabl’O is made out of black-coated steel and rests on a heat resistant board. It will be delivered with a Quickstarter and handy Tool to turn over the cooking plate as well as to open or close the air vents. Take more time to simply be together and share a taste of the good things in life.

Mise en Place Table Corten 135 PRO Dark Grey Ceramic

The OFYR Mise en Place Table Corten 135 PRO is incredibly handy to use with your cooking unit, allowing you more space to prepare your food. With the 135x65 cm, there is ample working space. The chopping board is available in teak wood and dark grey ceramic.

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Practical accessories are every bit as essential as a good cooking unit. The right tools paired with an OFYR cookbook will take you from cooking enthusiast to master chef.

Grill Round 85 / 100

This sturdy two-piece grill is ideal for cooking larger cuts of meat on the OFYR cooking unit. Place the grill and stand directly over the flames for a chargrilled taste.

Horizontal Skewer Set 100

Barbecue fans will love this set of three steel skewers on a specially designed stand. Placed over an OFYR cooking unit’s fire, the heightened stand with notched ring is just the right height for meat and vegetables to cook to perfection.

Brazilian Grill Set 100

Convert your OFYR classic 100 into a Brazilian style barbecue with this set of three skewers in a circular steel stand. The skewers have wooden handles for easy handling, and allow slow cooking of meat directly over the fire.

Cover Black 85 / 100

Manufactured from black-coated steel and equipped with a mahogany knob, OFYR Cover 85 and 100 fit over the cone and plate to cover your OFYR when not in use.

Pizza Oven 85 /100

If there is one outdoor cooking unit that is super popular these days, it is the pizza oven. As it is wood-fired, the OFYR cooking unit lends itself perfectly to making the most delicious pizzas.

Fire Guard Ring 85 / 100

The nicely designed Fire Guard Ring 85 is an accessory that prevents OFYR’s hot cooking plate from being touched accidentally. At the same time, the 12,5 cm wide teak wood ring can be used as a table for smaller dishes or cooking utensils.