Roll Shutters

Secure Your Home or Business With Roller Shutters

Our Heroal aluminum roller shutter systems are the best choice for durability, cost efficiency and functionality. Designed in Germany and manufactured in Alberta.

Roll Shutters for Every Application

Whether you’re looking for a system that acts as a sun (and theft) deterrent or the ultimate in safety and intrusion prevention, we have a solution for you.

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Our UltraProtect Roll Shutter features a curtain of high-quality roll-formed aluminum slats and a urethane-insulated core.This system provides a high-grade thermal barrier and comes in various colours, making it both practical and appealing. The UltraProtect Roll Shutter system is also highly affordable and offers many advantages such as target hardening, deterrence, energy efficiency, sound dampening and light blocking.

  • Maximum Width: 3.50m (11 Ft) – Maximum Height: 3.05m (10 Ft) – Maximum Area: 7.0m² (75 Ft²)
  • Application: Residential
  • Purpose: Sun Control, Shading
  • Composition: Roll Formed Aluminum with Urethane Foam Core


Our UltraSecure Roll Shutter features a curtain of roll-formed aluminum slats with a thick dye-cast resin core to improve coverage and withstand greater physical force. With the addition of the HTF Secure guide rail, the UltraSecure Roll Shutter utilizes wind locks to secure the curtain, allowing for a higher wind load rating and tolerance against forced entry. Additionally, the UltraSecure Roll Shutter System features the same advantages as the UltraProtect System regarding target hardening, tamper resistance, energy efficiency, sound dampening, light blocking and more.

  • Maximum Width: 4.20m (14 Ft) – Maximum Height: 3.15m (10.5 Ft) – Maximum Area: 8.0m² (86 Ft²)​
  • Application: Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional
  • Purpose: Security, Intrusion Prevention
  • Composition: Roll Formed Aluminum with Dye Cast Resin Core
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UltraGuard Shutters

Our UltraGuard Roll Shutter is a solid wall extruded slat that comes in three different offerings: solid slat, grid punch and rectangle punch. All three slats can be incorporated into a locking guide rail to increase security and wind resistance. The UltraGuard Roll Shutter is an exceptional combination of performance and fashion.

  • Maximum Width: 4.8m (16 Ft) – Maximum Height: 3.05m (10 Ft) – Maximum Area: 9.0m² (96 Ft²)
  • Application: Commercial, Store Front, Kiosk
  • Purpose: Security, Intrusion Prevention
  • Composition: Solid Wall Extruded