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Transitional Shades

Adjust light and privacy with transitional blinds. Thanks to our double-layer fabric with transparent and non-transparent stripes, transitional shades create a powerful statement perfectly suited to homes and offices. In addition, our double roller blind solutions offer a seamless combination of fabrics, systems and MOTION – our automation concept for smart and motorized blinds. 

  • Custom-crafted in Canada.
  • A transition of light is created with dual layers of fabric alternating between sheer, semi-opaque, or opaque horizontal fabric vanes.
  • Raise and lower these dual-layered shades to adjust lighting. 
  • A wide offering of lift and motorization options.
  • Easy-to-use home automation options.

State of the Art Control Systems

We offer next level design, ergonomics & durability in our control options. Northern Shades specializes in complex motorization and home automation integration.

District Wand Control

Our District System with wands is a perfect marriage of design and functionality. Equipped with our Newton High-Speed Lite-Lift technology, this system offers a smooth and easy raising or lowering of even the largest shade. It's intuitive, silent, with no visible cords and chains. Available with or without an aluminum fascia, it is ideal for homes and condos. Its components are available in six colours to match any decor.


The Absolute 2.0 Spring System is easy to use. When given a pull, the shade will rise on its own to the preset stop position. You can set the spring tension according to your preference using the adjustment dial. What’s more, this system is chain- and cord- free, making it perfectly safe for children.


The Absolute 2.0 Twin Pull wand system is easy to use. Simply pull one wand to lower the shade and pull the other to raise it. This system does not use a visible chain or cord, so it is completely safe for children.

Standard Motorization

Maximize comfort in every room of your home with our motorized shades. Whatever the configuration, accessibility or size of the window to cover, Altex has the right motorized system. Our battery-powered motors are perfect for windows without an electrical outlet nearby and for small windows. Cable-powered motors are much better suited for larger shades or for those in hard-to-reach places. For larger sizes, a powerful system allows you to raise and lower your shades without effort. The assisted control lets you easily adjust the shades using a wand or remote. Motorization also enhances your home and makes your window coverings more elegant, and our standard motorization can be easily programmed and used to control one or more shades at the same time.

Smart Motorization

Window treatments that are almost fully automated thanks to smart motorization. Whether you are using a remote control or voice command, you can effortlessly and precisely raise or lower your shades. You can even control your window coverings remotely using a tablet or smartphone. With smart motorization, you can create a specific ambiance, find the perfect balance between comfort and privacy, and lower your energy costs. Simply put, you can customize and optimize the programming of your shades according to your lifestyle.

Fabric Collections

We have over 1000 different fabric options to view in our showroom. Visit the links below to see of of the collections online.