Coyote Double Access Door


Double Access Door Exclusive Features:

  • Dual, hinged doors for built-in island applications
  • Completely constructed with 304 stainless steel
  • Professional style Coyote stainless steel handles
  • Commercial quality hinges for smooth operation
  • Rigid construction to ensure long term durability
  • Open interior for island/wall access capability
  • Beveled trim

Double Access Door Models & Sizes:

  • 26″ Double Access Doors (Model: CDA2426)
  • 31″ Double Access Doors (Model: CDA2431)
  • 36″ Double Access Doors (Model: CDA2436)
  • 39″ Double Access Doors (Model: CDA2439)

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H24" x W26", H24" x W31", H24" x W39", H24" x W 36"


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