Infratech Single Gang- 240 V w/SS Plate, Deep Gang Box & Cover – 14-4220


This surface mount 240 Volt INF Control assembly will allow you to regulate the heat output of any Infratech heater up to 3,000 watts. The surface mount control assembly includes a 240 volt input regulator, single stainless steel plate and deep gang box and waterproof cover for surface mount installation in outdoor areas. The INF control works by slowly cycling the heater on and off depending on the 1 through 10 setting as well as turns the heater on/off.
Intended for exposed exterior locations
Stainless steel plate
Control assembly for W1524, W2024, W2524, and W3024 (208 Volt versions included)
Allows on/off and variable control
Waterproof cover closes to conceal and protect controls from elements.

Warranty: One Year
Current(Amps): 15



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