OFYR XL Corten


  • All OFYR cooking units are built to a professional specification, but this super-sized model is specially suited to catering for larger groups.
  • With a diameter of 150cm there is space for two chefs to work simultaneously and serve up to 150 persons.
  • For even more versatility an optional XL grill and other OFYR grill accessories are available.

* The XL-line offers a very large cooking surface, suitable for professionals who cook for large groups.
* Due to the size and weight of this cooking unit, it is difficult to move. For event caterers, the OFYR Trailer is a recommended alternative.
* Foresee enough wood. By making 3 seperate fires in the cone, the plate gets up to temperature relatively quickly.
* Not all OFYR accessories are available for the XL version.
* The soft cover and Snuffer are available.

Additional information

Weight 500 lbs
Dimensions 75 × 75 × 35 in